DE(LIBERATE) 2017. Video montage. 

Taken from a larger video sequence (Deliberately, 2017), these shorter video montages are a visual and celebratory testimony of black womanhood, black women's right to embody complexity, beauty, and the production of knowledge.

Interrogating critical questions regarding the intersections between consumption and race, the larger scope of this project negotiates the various identities and outputs of black women’s cultural contributions. Largely taken from the internet, De(liberate)ly in it’s entirety is a sharp look and inquiry into the circulation of black womens voices, bodies, and epistemologies - as consistently consumed through the internet and media, most often without appropriate historical and/or cultural context.  

The extended segment from the project at large examines liberation ideologies not dependant on the white gaze and it’s counterparts, as seen through the diverse politics of Sista Souljah, Gwendolyn Brooks, Maya Angelou, Roberta Flack, Angela Davis, Toni Morrison, and Nina Simone to name a few.